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Fone Fiasco (With a F)

It was a regular day with regular things to do for a regular person. School was normal. Everyone picked on each other, laughed, and got detentions. Nothing new was expected. When school had ended, I had a skiing after school activity. I proceeded to the bus, and likewise, people start making fun of each other and getting into trouble. I went skiing where I had a near collision (typical me) but then continued on. I had come out of Ski Dubai when it was time and had something to eat with my mother. She had asked me to make an advertisement for an event that happened and I took out my phone to show her what I have done. Towards the end, she took my phone out of the table and said, “come on, lets go.” Then about 10 seconds later I realise that the phone might have been left on the table, but it wasn’t there. I look inside outside upside down to find it, and I even take a peek at looking in the garbage (but I didn’t touch anything in it of course!). Sooner or later I give up and I start to shiver where could it go. I get nervous in the car and surprisingly, (keep quiet in the car). My father called and I confesse. You could sense the shock in his voice, it sounded like someone got a shock. Of course, to keep the affect, my mother pretends to be shocked but really in the inside, I bet she was thinking, “Its going according to plan.” But then, my father who’s at home, calls the phone and I hear a familiar ring tone. I stay quiet for about 2 seconds then I start to look for it. And slowly, a smile started to emerge on y mothers face. We arrive home and my mother says to my father in a friendly tone, “Why did you call the phone? I could have kept this secret for days, why did you have to call it immediately?”

Important Notes:

Beta Blog:

I am starting a Beta Blog. This Blog is a private one and only a few people will get access to it via email. This Blog will show what I’m about to post and the reason I am making this blog is because then I can improve the quality of my blogs so when they come, they are at a good quality. There also is a personal tab where if theres a blog I need to post but I feel its too personal, I put it in that tab. Only family members get access to those tabs so only people I trust will get access to BETA Blog. People can comment on the blog so I know how I can improve the blog. However, you need an email to comment because you need to sign up for something. If you’re uncomfortable giving you’re email, I will make one just so you can comment. It is not released yet, but here are some instructions below for the people who do get access:

1: There are 2 tabs. One Alpha tab, One beta Tab. The Alpha Tab are only for improvements with content, and how I can make it interesting. The Beta Tab are for spelling corrections so please don’t put spelling corrections in the Alpha Tab.

2: For people that get access to it, but are not in our family, please do not go to the Personal Beta and Personal Alpha. Those are for family members only because if there’s content that I’m not sure of posting for people who are not in my family, I can get some feedback to make in non-family appropriate so it can go in the blog.

If you are confused about this, do not worry. I will keep you updated about when it’s going to release and who gets access to it.

Joke I thought that was funny:

“My doctor said I should watch my drinking. Now I drink in front of the mirror”



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