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Talk About Teeth

Writing about something thats 2,482km away from you is absurd, especially if you’re not their for it. But here it goes.

It was a day where my Aunt (Lets call her Victim) went to the dentist. If you do not know who they are, they are the guys who put toothpaste in a special container that says a special word that has nothing to do with toothpaste, and stuffs it in your mouth. It turns out that her milk tooth was wobbly, and had to be removed and replaced with a fake tooth. That being said, the doctor did placed a fake tooth, but a temporary one, just so Victim knew how it felt and weather it was comfortable. However, she had to put a big cotton ball in her mouth for an hour and not talk. I was strenuous, and as you can imagine, irritating. Like if you wanted water, you would use sign language but since she had to keep her tooth pressed against the cotton, she wouldn’t be able to drink it. And imagine the cotton absorbing all the saliva!



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2 thoughts on “Talk About Teeth

  1. And what’s more absurd is that after all that effort, someone punches the victim on her face and the tooth falls off! And then the victim runs with the broken tooth in her hand, back to the dentist, all the while hoping she doesnt bump into someone she knows! Imagine, grinning with a front tooth missing and saying – hi there! Ain’t i looking beautiful! 😉

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