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The Exam

It all started one fair day. The sun was up, the intentions were high, butterflies were in peoples stomachs and legs, it was a day of feelings. We wanted to keep our feelings high, to ensure that the test goes. Teachers sike you up and try to make you feel good, but then you enter the exam room and your feelings are shut down. The examiner startes at everyone like American footballers in Super Bowl game, and try to give you the feeling that this is a life or death situation, you are doomed both ways. All the things you’ve learned somehow fall into a hole in cyberspace, and your reminded that you dint get ready for a test by studying, but by learning how to control a mental breakdown, because weather you study hard or not, in exams, the knowledge will go away like a space rocket. You sit down on the rusty chair, that could break any moment. The table is as old as the Assyrian empire, and you are so red that it looks like you are blushing. You start the test, and in the beginning, you guess the answers, because you are recovering from all the feelings you just had. Oh, and the hardest question: Your name. From then on, it only becomes harder considering there is more pressure on you, You look up an the examiner gives you the impression that all your questions better be correct or else. Then, in a flash of a second, the examiner quickly turns the clock around so it seems the test has ended. They do this because they want to end it a peak point- the place where you are most stressed out, so you fail the examine and will have to pay money to do it again. Then, before the parents come in to take their child, the examiner acts all cool to make the parents think that they weren’t mentally stressed out so the parents feel that the test went well for everyone.



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