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When a machine lets you down

This was one real blunder, mixed with stupidity, mixed with comedy.

One day I hear about a Technical Preview Update I can put in my laptop. I immediately tried to find ways to do this. I used my mothers computer as a victim, to see what happens when I go on this trial software, and then did it on mine. I was so excited I sent my friends screenshots of the Technical preview Software from my computer. Now they were all excited but I was yet to realise, that this would torture me forever.

As I was excited, I used it throughout my daily life, no worries, everything was normal. My friends wanted to install it but I specifically told them, let me install it. In the rush, one person did it himself and then it was a battle of man vs machine. His settings did not work, wifi did not work, start button did not work, and almost everything didn’t work for him. It was a disaster, and it wasn’t getting fixed any time soon. Then I reminded him about one rule. There was a windows rollback button, and that would take him back and everything would be solved, but I told himeone thing. DO NOT PRESS IT, we do not know what’s going to happen. He nodded his head, and to make a long story short, he pressed it. He did this in the worst time possible, in Digital Design class, and well, his computer refused to boot up anymore, with a simple error code. It turns out a VIRUS or a program has killed some files from  windows 8, and he cannot go back anymore. Wait a go. And thanks to that, his computer is quietly sitting at the repair shop getting fixed. He sent a mail to his father about what happened, but before he sent it, I had a look at it, and I said: “Let me send it” and the reason was simple. He wrote “Don’t get hyper” and for some reason, it always does the opposite, so I sent the message instead of him. Then, I was in the process of trying to convince my other friend that what happened to his system will not happen to yours because he didn’t take good care of it, and he eventually bought into it. I was happy I convinced him but then…..

After math, i pulled my laptop out and all of a sudden, mine wouldn’t boot. In this panic, I ended up missing my BUS and had to call my parents to pick me up. I went to our school technicians and they spoke to me and said, your security features has locked your hard drive (AKA you’re so screwed). They said find your Bitlocker key and then you can refresh your PC. I stayed up that night doing it, but our computer didn’t make it easy as half the time the plug went lose and I lost my information.

I ended up finding the key.

The next morning, I acted as if now everything was okay and it would be solved because really, it would. Then I was a hypocrite. from trying to tell my friend “Get this Technical Preview” I said, DO NOT GET IT. However, my computer will be okay and my files will also be okay after system refresh.

However, I am happy this happened in a way, because, when I heard about this technical preview update, they said it would be a free upgrade but I thought thats only if you install the preview but it turns out, when it officially releases, it will be free. I am sort of jinxed because whenever I am in a bad situation, I think “Nothing could be worse” and then, just around the corner, something even worse happens.



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