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The Math Test (A Short But True Blog Post)

I entered the classroom prepared for what the task was. The Math test. I sit down, and when the math teacher isn’t looking, everybody asks me for a pencil or pen. I quickly hand them the pens, the teacher gives us the test, and we start. I run through it comfortably, all the questions I had revies, everything was cool, nothing to worry about. I can see everyone felt the same way apart from a select few. The test ends, I hand in my paper and we go to next period, PE. The best part is, you can let it go in PE because all the stress flies away like a bird (until and unless you were whacked in the chest with a hockey stick.) Then, I look for what I got, I need to know so badly. I finally see it, and wel, the complete opposite of what I expected. I got a 3/8, which is the worst grade I bet anyone has ever gotten. In panic, I send a mail to my teacher about the grades, but no reply came. And the worst part is, I checked before going on a school trip to Nepal. NYOOOOOOOOOO!!!!



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2 thoughts on “The Math Test (A Short But True Blog Post)

  1. Enjoy your trip, you can always figure out why you lost marks but can’t go back to Nepal with your school group gain ๐Ÿ™‚ have fun and give us update on trip and your teacher’s feedback too ๐Ÿ˜€

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