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Drum Exams

Previously, we had talked about what a typical exam would be like but however, music exams, if not, are more nerve wrecking  than regular exams. When you enter the room, you have a big desk full of papers, and then on the other end of the room (about 20 meters way (that far for no reason)) you have the instrument you are playing, which in this case, is drums. When you sit on the drumset the examiner, in his best possible voice, (which isn’t very good) tells to to take as much time as you want to adjust the drum kit. However, after about 5 seconds, they glare at you, trying to indicate that the “as much time as you want” is not true, and you don’t have any time. At this point you are only 10 seconds in the exam, and well, no matter how hard you prepared, you couldn’t prepare for: Learning how to take a drum exam, because they are the most nerve wrecking exams. Now here is the worst part. You start playing your piece but then all the notes, just dook like stick with circles and upside down d, and 2 dots on top of an 0, making, what you presume to be, a shocked face. At this point your bodies is stiff, and you have a chance of falling of your drum chair. And if you think I’m over exaggerating, I experienced that first hand in an exam just about a year ago. The teacher tells you to relax, but then everytime they say that, their voices become deeper and it sounds like they want to make you stiff, so you can fail. You play the piece and boy oh boy, do you concentrate on what your doing because a this moment, you are peeing in your pants, no doubt. After the first piece is over, you move on to the second, except this time, its with music. And the examiner will purposely put the track music on level 1, so you cannot hear the music, so you don’t know what beat to play at, and what note to play at. If you thought Mondays Math test and Homework is bad, then you have never met this. Drum exams ar ein a whole new league. When you exit the drum room, your legs are shaking and you can barely move. And the worst part is: after all that horror you wont know what yo got until 5-6 months later, of which is dubai is, SUMMER VACATION!



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