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Indian Debate Shows

Have you ever watched a debate show. If the answers yes, have you watched an INDIAN debate show. Well, if you haven’t you don’t have to feel bad because you’ve just save yourself a one way ticket to a place where all people do is shout. The thing is, in Indian debate shows, thats the only thing they can do: Shout. Here is a typical example of a debate show between a few people, 2-3 people. (Video 1):

I don’t know about you, but did you find a reason for them shouting? Heres a second example, with more than 2 people (Video 2):

Now wait a minute. They are debating about politics and what is the first thing they talk about? A 75 pound CAKE! Also, on other trait in Indian Debate: Talking over others. In the beginning, one person talks, then someone else wants to talk but is impatient, then someone else. Next thing you know, its TIme Square New York all over again. I challenge anyone who has never seen a indian debate channel before to try to understand, what the host is talking about. One other thing. On a typical debate, they would give you a brief introduction on what they are talking about, and some background information, so you can follow along and have an opinion, to make the debate more engaging. However, in Indian Debate, they expect you to know everything like a politician would know is country, and they expect you to know every single detail, like a 75 pound cake being cut in a debate about political groups. So since people would know nothing, all they can do is look at see people scream, and not hear anything at all. This is like watching the 10th harry potter without seeing any other one. This therefore concludes my article on: Indian Debate



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