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Gas Leak

It was another day in science class, and nothing was really expected from it. A guy in our class (I cannot use his real name because I haven’t asked for permission. I will refer to him as (Shivaji) was being annoying, by getting on people’s nerves and, and claiming to have a fractured his hand when he fell down, and also claimed he couldn’t move it, when it was totally fine. In science, our objective was to find out whether salt would cause the water to have either a lower or higher temperature, after being boiled. We went through the first run, and everything went out fine. However, we discovered that you shouldn’t shake water while its boiling, or it will shoot out like a rocket onto your face, you can guess how we discovered that. As we were working, something wasn’t right on our Bunsen burner, and our teacher said to use another. The tube that connected the Bunsen Burner to the gas caught fire, not a big one, but we could shut off the gas supply. He checked for any problems, and gave us another one. While we did our experiments, an alarm went off. This indicated that there was too much Carbon Dioxide in the room, and the tube holding the LPG gas was leaking. We immediately shut the Bunsen burners down, with the teacher checking if everything was shut down, and then opened the door and windows. Our teacher called another teacher to reset the alarm, but it didn’t work. Seconds later, this alarm triggered a main alarm which was sent to the whole school. We had to be evacuated, and stand in a whopping 42 Degree Celsius Weather, (107.6 degrees Fahrenheit). We were told to leave our belongings and get out of the building. It took about less that 4 minutes for 2000 students to evacuate, and stood in the scorching heat. However, after 10 minutes outside, we knew something was wrong. The principle told us that we had to stay behind the yellow line because the Fire Department will enter this was. We were transferred to a shaded area, and then the Fire Department Truck came. Then, we realized why there was an evacuation. The reason the teachers could not reset the science lad alarm, indicating that there was too much CO2 in the room because there was a gas leak inside the room, causing it to spread around the class. It was the same gas that was in the Bhopal gas leak. Within an hour, we were told to get on buses (for those who took buses) and go home, a few minutes late though. No one was allowed to enter the school, staff and teachers surrounding the building. We found out this was quite serious, realizing that the firefighters were not regular firefighters, but firefighters that are specialized to fight against gas. A message was sent home stating that the repairs would be done by 8pm and we would get our belongings on the following day. Not only were there the specialized fire fighters, there were also regular firefighters in case of an explosion, and an ambulance crew. As we left school (me in the bus) the fire alarm went of again, indicating that there was still gas in their. It was later confirmed that it was in the science room our class was in, and was caused by the leaking gas from the overhead tubes of gas in our room. I spoke to the science teacher the next day, and the scary part was, that when we evacuated, you couldn’t see any gas in our science room, nor smell it. But when the firefighters when in the room, the floor was filled with LPG gas, and the room reeked with methane. The Fire Department has shut the gas supply until further investigation was conducted, and a full evaluation of the gas pipes in the school, which could take up the remaining weeks of our school term, and possibly some of next year.

This is not a fiction story and it is purely based on facts and known evidence.



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