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Talk About Dressing Up For School

I get up, it’s 6:30, I’ve woken up late….. I rush my morning routine eagerly trying to get to school with my father (not mother, because she doesn’t allow music in the car). I know if I don’t get ready tready on time, I’m going with my mother. Quickly eating my breakfast I get my shoes on and 30 seconds before we have to leave the house, I’m ready. Except…. I realise that there is a big hole in my pant. Yes, I could change my pants but if I did, I would have to go with the non-music lover of the house, The great (no that big) mother!!! I run to my room and I try to look for something that will hide my hole. I find a black marker and I color on my skin, at the place where the hole is, so it would camouflage. I was lucky, and managed to get in the car safely and go to school. The rest of the day was normal, and I was happy that no one noticed the BIG hole I had. I through the day as if it was a regular day. By the end of the day, 1 woman figured out that I had a hole but did not make a big fuss about it, considering I gave her a box of chocolates the previous day for driving me home, because I missed the bus. But then I release something. I usually wear shorts so if I wear shorts, people will see a huge black dot on my knee. But I was lucky at Dubai. Nobody noticed, simply because people were more busy starting at the outrageously high prices in Dubai, rather that anything is. However, the next day, my mother saw the black dot, thinking it was a wound. She exclaimed, “What Happened!” I calmy replied, see the blog post on it.



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