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A Very Serious Issue

Hello, to all readers, and today, I will discuss a very serious issue, which happens to be: ties. Have you ever asked yourselves, why was the tie made? Why was a piece of cloth that hangs from your collar made? And also, why are we wearing ties? What is the reason to have have a piece of cloth sticking out? Maybe, it’s because humans are very tolerant. It amazes me to see that people can cope with a piece of cloth that’s choking you ALL DAY. Also, maybe humans felt that they were left out. We had seen animals wearing leashes (A dog Tie) Cows wearing cowbells (A Cow Tie), so maybe we wanted to join the party? Also, when schools in Dubai talk about how you should always stay cool, drink water, and not get too hot, and companies are creating more Dri-Fit clothes, so people can go in the sun and stay cool, schools stubbornly force students to wear a tie that gives no ventilation in the body, and so your body turns into a pressure cooker. Being in Dubai, this undoubtedly happens, whether you drink lots of water or not. So in other words, us humans are crazy, on tieing a human leash around our neck waking in the streets and turning into a pressure cooker. And worst of all, all of this is happening as we approach SUMMER! And it is not like students can rebel against this because schools run in the good old days of dictatorship. If 2,000 students vote on ties, and so does every teacher, but the principle says no, it’s a no. And on top of that, think of having to wear thick, long pants (Thicker Than Jeans) with a belt. In my opinion, they shouldn’t have killed Osama Bin Laden, They should have taken him to a school in Dubai, and they should have made him wear the uniform with a tie. That would turn him into a good person. In fact, I believe that we should get rid of correctional facilities, and instead, make the people wear a school uniform at school, and make them go through agonizing lessons.

Note: I Actually Like Class Lessons, But Do Not Like Ties At All



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