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A Very Serious Issue (Version 2)

Now, we have talked about the mayhem about ties in the last version of “A very Serious Issue.” If you haven’t read that one, go and check it out before you read this. So anyway, this time, I’m talking about something everybody can relate to. Schools. The thing is, as we approach new ways of governing countries, and making more fair and better forms of government, schools don’t seem to even budge. In fact, schools prefers the old-days styles, before world war one. And if you research some things about schools, you would (or will notice) have noticed, that nothing much had changed. This time, we are talking about how a school runs. Now teachers will always say “You are the future” and things like “Democracy is the most effective way of governing” but really, they are being hypocritical. The whole school and staff can vote on something, 3999/4000 people say yes, (The remaining person is the headmaster but the headmaster (Head Principle) says no, it’s a no. Also, at schools we learn how to make persuasive letters, and use them in real life, but if schools say that they are trying to make a real life scenario to “Help The Students Prepare For The Future,” it’s not working. For example, this year in grade 6, the students sent a letter, requesting permission for a end of the year party. After all, it had been going on for 6 years, and the school was turning 7. The members of the head of the school looked at the letter, and were in a boardroom, from the secretary, to the principles, and then, to the person who would make the ultimate decision: The headmaster. And guess what? EVERYONE IN THERE were persuaded and voted to having a end of the year party, but the headmaster: Mr. Roberts? No. And the final decision, a not so surprising no. And some might argue that maybe it wasn’t persuasive enough? The letter had gone from student to student to check it, and then to teachers, just to make sure it had the right language. Sometimes, I have a feeling that Mr. Roberts wants to really torture us and leave us with a memory of him. He’s an evil mastermind. And he’s definitely not leaving good memory, though. At the beginning of the year, I barely knew him. After hearing the fact that there is no school party, thanks to him, and how he extended the end of school date for june 16th to june 25th, and decreased the arrival date from september 4th, to 30th August, I will DEFINITELY, ABSOLUTELY, and UNDOUBTEDLY  remember him.



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2 thoughts on “A Very Serious Issue (Version 2)

  1. Am sincerely hoping he doesn’t chance upon your blog! You might just want to change that to Mrs. Robinson (Simon & Garfunkel ) and put a disclaimer “All characters and events in this show, even those based on real people, are entirely fictional.”

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