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A Very Serious Issue: (Version 3)

This time, its about getting up: On School Days.

Summers coming up and well, I guess its time to talk about getting up/ and the morning routine of a child on school days.

You wake up, and the first thing you see is a never ending scene of lights flashing at you. Turning on and off. Your eyes desperately trying to get use to the light before you get dizzy and just crash. And parents, specifically fathers, are behind the scene, doing this to you, expecting you to wake up. Then, after you’ve somewhat recovered from that, your alarm goes off, the blaring noise of your phone just screaming at you, while you are recovering from the flashes of light being forced into you. All of this, in a 6 o’clock morning package. However, I cannot seem to get use to it. For some reason, my body doesn’t seem too willing to get use to it. And this isn’t the end of waking up. And finally, after you recover from all of that, your parents throw a bucket of ice cold water, right on you, so they know that you are awake. The morning continues on like this, as you sit on the toilet seat daydreaming and wondering what your next lunch is going to be like. Now don’t you laugh, because I KNOW for a fact that you also do it. You can’t hide that fact. We all do it.  And them, your father comes and screams “YOU’RE GETTING LATE HURRY UP!” So you quickly finish up and quickly get in the bathtub…. except, nobody turned on the geyser. So then, since you have no time to waste, you are forced to have to take a shower in COLD water, and are not willing to apply shampoo because I mean, who would be willing to put slippery liquid while trying to bear cold water? So you come out of the bathroom and change, get your bag, and leave…. almost. We’ve talked about the father’s role in the steps a child has to take to get up, but not the mothers. Since you couldn’t put the slippery liquid mothers want you to put, they will tell you this, in front of your face, “Dhruv, look really ugly.” This is what happens in my life anyway. So, you try not to say, nor make eye contact and leave. Now this is the final stage of a child’s morning routine. If you go with your mother, you’re constantly bombarded with questions and other things, including, “Do I look good for a meeting” or, “Wait, I forgot to do something, and experience and slight delay of 30 minutes. If your father drops you, you’re in luck. They just keep quiet and listen to music, no questions your in time for school, life goes on. Now this is what a child’s routine really is.





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4 thoughts on “A Very Serious Issue: (Version 3)

  1. While you mention the ‘non-fiction stuff’….I never though about using cold water to wake you up…thanks for the tip…will try if next academic year when you school in the US and winter is below zero C!! love appy!!

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