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If their is someone who I would acknowledge on this blog is would be my masa (uncle)

My summer vacation was the most exciting vacation I have ever had, mostly thanks to masa. When I came to America, he planned everything in advance. He knew I wanted to learn programming, and told me about Python, and got me a book so I could start learning Python. Not only that, he was like a mentor, giving me challenges to do in Python as well as encouraging self learning. Whenever I approached him with a question, he would be ready to answer. Whenever he wanted to clarify any doubts, he always made sure that I understood that, and would always clarify a doubt in detail. He also encouraged me to also look at other things, like html, and always told me, :”If you find something more interesting in programming, do it.” Thanks to his perseverance and support, I was able to unleash to the world He would also give me advice on whatever I did, telling me things like, “You should change the color”, or other things like “Make the look more simple”. He cared about my learning, even if it was something he was not interested in, and always tried to find a way to help me in that. A great example of that was when he introduced me to the raspberry pi, a mini computer that can be programmed to do tasks, and helped me set it up. This is also proof he is dedicated to me learning something because masa is a busy man, has to work, help out in the house, feed and give milk to Yeshe (My 2 year old cousin), and yet still be able to help me out and do his own hobby.

If their was one thing that I could learn from masa and his character, it’s his dedication into doing something. Like I mentioned before, whenever he wants to do something, he does it wholeheartedly, and I have never heard him say”I’ll do it next time.” Whenever he has an issue, he almost never asks anyone for help, for 2 reasons, one because he wants to fix it by himself, and two, he knows that other people are busy and doesn’t want to disturb them, as he cares for others. Whenever he does something, he will do it until he is satisfied with his work, and usually sleeps between 3-5am, just so he can do something he likes to do. On top of this, he even gives an extra helping hand, over the helping hand he gives, so everything runs smoothly. If there’s anything people will have to think hard about, it’s trying to find a flaw in him. He’s like one of Stan Lee’s comic book creations



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One thought on “Masa.

  1. Hi Dhruvi, a nicely written blog on Masa. I appreciate your sense of gratitude and understanding of Masa’s interest in you and your learning. Keep up the good work. Keep acknowledging people who help you and that shows humility and acceptance.
    Mohan mama

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