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Quite A Handful

This post is about Yeshe, and, wow, what a handful he is. He is a baby who likes to fight when he is sad not cry, hit over protest, and he really is quite a handful. My experience with Yeshe has been a mixed experience. Everyone might say their little brother is so hard to take care of, they would describe it as stressful, annoying, sometimes even depressing, but Yeshe, well, none of these words can come close to how hard it is to manage him. Personally, I would describe it as Yeshing, which is about every emotion, happiness, sadness, etc into one word. For instance, he is more of an acrobat than an innocent looking baby! He likes to climb up chairs, beds, tables, sofas and even tries to jump of the steps that lead to a slide in a park! When he sleeps, he makes weird noises, during the day, he laughs, he shouts, he runs, but never stays still, even when his favorite TV show is on, Noddy. He is someone that intrigues me, running aimlessly end to end to each corner of the house, for instance, and looking at himself, while he runs, from the glare of the TV. He is fascinated by pillows, beds, and when someone playsruns after him, his 1st stop being banging into pillows. But what intrigues me is that he is very good at detecting emotion, as I found out at the end of my summer vacation in America. He loves bubbles, he treats bubbles as a god, following them even if it means tripping onto grass or falling of the front porch steps. He likes to jump on people, and likes it when someone makes a UMPH! sound while he jumps on them. His favorite animal ,is a horse, and always wants to imitate a horse and is always waiting for some to ask him “Horsey Says?”. If fact, when I left America, no one asked him “Horsey Says”, so he taught himself how to say “Horsey Says” so he can continue to imitate a horse! Moreover, he LOVES loud noises and animals. When we went to six flags, he loved the barrage of noises, and at about 9pm, when they had people in rubber foam costumes of animals, he ran away from us, and straight to one with the bunnies and SCREAMED: BUNNY! BUNNY! He was so happy he even danced to the loud music that was playing, then yet again, ran of. This, is how it’s like to take care of Yeshe.



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