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Whenever you talk with any father in this world, the way the conversation goes is always the same. They start the talk by  talking about the topic in great detail. For example, instead of saying it’s, they say it is. They do this because really, they don’t have much to talk about, but they want to pretend like what they’re saying is something that has lots of detail. These lectures usually happen in cars, so be extra careful if your father is taking you anywhere! After the father stops talking about the topic in detail, they then talk about what you should do. Ideally, this sounds good, but however, at this point, they sidetrack on to something different. For example, my father was talking about the Cobra position in Yoga, but suddenly started talking about cycling and healthy food. They go like this until their 1/4ths away from the destination. Finally, they end the lecture by doing this. EVERY SINGLE PARENT DOES THIS. They finish it off with “When I was a child,” “Mera Bachpan Mae” “Quand j’étais un enfant” and then finish that sentence with, “I did this” “Mae ya kea” “Je l’ai fait”, and conclude with a brief description of what they did.

So my solution to people who have to live with this is to take a nap. They will not realise you’re taking a nap, because the soul of a father’s lecture is the car. Whenever the car stops, they stop lecturing. So there’s no chance they will realise you are sleeping off. They might look at you, but not realise you are sleeping.



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