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My mother and I were talking about how humans have profound thoughts. I was listening until she said Yeshe. That got me thinking. what would yeshe be thinking about. Here is a list of some of the things yeshe will be profoundly thinking about.

  1. How to hold his horse imitation for long. Yehse will always try to find out how to control his breath, in order to get the longest hehehehehe sound. He will sometimes lower his voice when trying to imitate a horse, in order to get a longer imitation. Wondered why he sticks his arm out when doing it. He’s trying to use the pressure from land where the solids are released in order to use that energy to get the longest hehehehehe. If he’s constipated, he’s extra lucky.
  2. How to watch more Noddy. As stupid as this sounds, this is actually true. What he does is he goes to his mama when he knows mama is very busy, bugs her as much as he can. He sometimes even runs into a wall purposely, and cries of pain, so he gets lots of attention. Because his mama is so busy, she has no option but to put Noddy. He second step is quite cheeky. He purposely wakes up extra early in the morning, and because his mama and papa slept quite late, they give him their phone, and Yeshe knows how to open youtube and watch television. You might say “Well, his parents will probably compensate that time later on,” but he uses these 2 techniques together. He uses the “Wake Up Early” technique in the morning, and later in the day, uses the “Bug Mama For Fun” technique. Yeshe is not a normal baby, as I’ve said in the past an Umpteenth number of times, and theirs a reason I’ve said it so many times.
  3. And finally, how to come closer to the T/V. This is a combination of all of his tactics. When he wants to poo, he goes 1 of the 4 corners of the house. One of them is right next to the TV, where all his toys are. When the TV’s on, he will SPECIFICALLY go to THAT corner, and pretend to poo. Then, he’ll stick his arm out and do a horse imitation, to make you think that he’s not watching TV. Then, he will carefully lay out his toys so he “Accidentally” slips and falls. As a result, this will result in his mother trying to get him up and say “Boo Boo Gone.” Then, because his mother will feel bad about him falling, and will put the blame on herself, she will let him see extra TV! But here’s the worst part. He’s like a virus, constantly upgrading his techniques and refining them, so he isn’t caught in the act. These are the profound thoughts Yeshe thinks of.

Yeshe’s Quote:

I came, I saw, I watched Noddy.



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