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Words vs Pictures

“A Picture is worth more than a 1000 words”, a phrase which is spoken, and expressed to many people around the world. Yet, there is still more to that story than what meets the “eye”

You see, a picture does represent a 1000 words,  it only represents 1000 words if you view it as 1000 words. But really, words are the real drivers behind the fabulous paintings you see of today. When you write, each one of those words holds information. The beauty about writing is that you can view each of those words in any way you wish, and form you wish, and you are the person that decides what any word, sentence, phrase, etc really means. A picture only conveys what it has, nothing more, and you are put into mindset to think closely about that topic. Yes, you can think of many ideas and thoughts related to that idea, but with pictures, you are not truly expressed to the power of infinity, and the true meaning of infinite thoughts.

But this is where writing truly shines. With writing, you have to power to view each and every word as a separate image or thought, and in the end, you create a collage of thoughts, that slowly comes together in a way you can only imagine, and in a way that differs from anyone else’s. You are only held back by your imagination, and words are what opens the key of infinity.

Just close your eyes, and imagine the scattering array of words that surround you. Just take little bits of any sentence, and compile them with other little bits. You are in your own fantasy, and you are the one that creates the thoughts, the ideas, and the feelings of your story. Writing is like a combination of pixels. They each hold their own identity, and they each represent their own values. It is up to the creator to decide how these pixels move together, and organize themselves. Or just maybe, they don’t. Maybe they are each individual words, letters, that each represents a certain aspect of really, whatever you want. The reality is, it is up to, it is up to the creator, and you are the creator



Hi there, and welcome to Dhruv Beats. Over here, you can read a collection of stories, ideas, thoughts and opinions. But in the end, browse around, read, and well, enjoy! "A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts" - Brandon A. Trean

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