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Morals. Decisions.

We’vs all that time where there is a decision we make, and we have the dilemma between morals, and what’s right, and what’s wrong. This decision you make stays in your mind, and you truly cannot decide whether it was right wrong, good or bad, or maybe a successful, or unsuccessful decision. You see, we only truly know the outcome of our decision only after we choose the decision, and we only know the effect of it once it has had an effect. But what if our decisions were not based on multiple parameters, but only one, such as moral. Would making decisions through moral make our decisions in life easier, or would it be harder, and would making decisions through moral mean that it is the right thing to do, or maybe the wrong.

To truly understand this, you need to go down to the roots of morality, and build your way up like a sapling of a tree sprouting. The Urban dictionary defines Moral to be the principles of right and wrong. But the thing is, where does right, and where does wrong come from? Our universe never had right or wrong implemented before we came into existence, we invented right or wrong, based on our feelings more than anything, and whether we felt what we were doing was right or wrong. So deep down, morality is based on the feelings and emotions of a person, but on the surface, it seems like something that is based on being principled. So truly, the real question you should be asking yourself is that do you believe your emotions, do you have faith in your emotions, but more importantly, do you have faith in other people’s emotion? Can you be sure that your emotions will take you the right way, or will it lead you to a brick wall? Are your feelings part of you, or are you part of your feelings? I mean, after all, your emotions are made up of 3 things, psychological changes, behavioral response and subjective change. Do you trust that your body can unify these and help you make decisions?

So in all, morality is not one parameter, but a group of them. But the question is, do you trust your group?

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2 thoughts on “Morals. Decisions.

  1. Wow! First of all, am totally blown away by your post! Very well written.

    Now about the question you asked. I just ask myself one question before taking a tough decision – would I be feel ok if someone else did that to me. That kind of answers most of my questions.

  2. Much of lifes complexity is the confusion in ones mind. I try not to overthink . I simply follow instinct. The idea is to simplyfy ones life which allows one to achieve maximum output.

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