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The Problems Of Society – Money

It’s been awhile since my last posts, so here’s something I’ve written that has come dearly from my heart.

Its money. Why do so many people live their lives, working day in and day out, for a piece of paper. What is the moral reason to justifying the need to have money? We humans, have created a system, where we have given 2.5 X 6 inch piece of paper the uttermost importance, and we humans, are the worshipers of it. Is this the society you want to live in? But wait. This is the society we live in.

Money was made to make trade between people to be fair, but all it has been is a pathway to greed, as well as an imbalance in social justice. The fact that someone is judged by their earnings, rather than who they are is disgusting. Humans haven’t been able to find a suitable way of trade within the last 2,500 years money has been around, or are we just ignorant to our surroundings?

Moreover, what benefit has money done to humanity? Has it indeed created equality between people? Has it served its purpose of its existence? Where has all the love, compassion to each other gone? Why have people given more importance to the PRICE of an item, rather than the VALUE it brings to one?

“True Happiness brings more riches than all the money in the world” – Mahatma Ghandi

But where has that happiness gone? Share your thoughts below.

-Dhruv Srinivasan



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3 thoughts on “The Problems Of Society – Money

  1. Money is a necessary “evil”. While you have discussed about monetisation of wealth. The basic human nature to acquire wealth is to be looked into. Even in the animal kingdom you would see territorial fights and the nature of on upmanship. Try looking at this nature of humans rather than focussing on a piece of paper which basically monetises and allows to show the “one upmanship” and attach a # to evaluate. Overall a good start Dhruvi – to enquiry more about need and greed…. keep up the quest for the fundamentals of human / nature.

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