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The True Idea Of Creativity

The common misconception of creativity is ideas, and freedom. We often interpret creative people as geniuses, one of a kind, and prodigies. But today I pose the question, is that what creativity is about?  Is it about that misfit in society that we point fingers at, or is it something we all possess, just fail to use?

You can think of creativity as a round hole in a square peg. How would you get it through? Creativity is not just imagination, it is how you make use of the things around you, to do what you want. This is what splits people from being creative, and imaginative. People who are imaginative will think of lots of ideas, in the perfect situation and see how they pan out. Creative people will make use of ideas in what they have, regardless of probability, or anything that stands in its path. The idea is to make use of what you have, and think of what you have, instead of what you don’t. This is how ideas form. The reason we invent things, after all, is to solve problems. Do you think the Wright Brothers had all the tools and laboratories they needed to make an airplane? They were a bicycle company after all, so the only way they could do what they wanted is to do it themselves, and with what they had. We all have creativity, the human race was born with intelligence and the idea of doing something. We are the only species that accepts that different people have different thoughts and views (actual fact), yet we point fingers at people, and find excuses to why we couldn’t. Imagine if everyone in this world, went past, and beyond, saying “I could have if I had” and really did what they said they could do.

~Dhruv Srinivasan

As always, leave your opinions down below! I love looking at the comments section and seeing how people view my thoughts and ideas, regardless of good, or bad.



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3 thoughts on “The True Idea Of Creativity

  1. Agree with you that creativity and imagination are two different think and we do get confused differentiating it. But then imagination is first step & creativity is the route! They both go together.

  2. When you encounter a simple answer to a complex problem and you say, “Aw darn, why didnt I think of it”? Thats creativity 🙂 Creativity is the ability to see a form in the negative spaces, in holes staring at you. (by the way its square peg in a round hole:-))
    Creativity is to write a script to have the cartoon characters Tom and Jerry keep at each other doing the same thing while still holding the attention span of a kid
    Its a bit like knowledge and faith.To extend your Wright brothers analogy Knowledge is knowing the aerodynamics of a hang glider and building one. Faith is taking it and jumping off a cliff. !!

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