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The Idea Of Learning

First and foremost, I would like to wish a happy new year to everyone and best wishes to all of here.

Right now, I’d like to discuss the idea of learning. It’s a fundamental thing everyone goes through, regardless of school or not, and something everyone should go through every day. But more specifically, its open-mindedness, and the pursuit of trying to do what you want to do, based on what you know, and what you don’t. After all, that’s why humans, in their true nature, do things. If it weren’t for a reason, it would have never happened. But there is a side that is incredibly important, and that’s the side of being open minded. When trying to achieve a goal, being selective on what you see and do is not a path that would be ideal, as it closes you into this one sector of a brighter, and larger the thing. There is a saying, “the closer you look, the less you see”. For example, lets say I wanted to be an engineer. The idea of an engineer is problem-solving, but nobody goes into that path or idea saying “I want to be an engineer, but I don’t want to do that kind, or learn this kind”. That phrase, or thought, should I say, is what ultimately leads to people not getting the exposure they need or want. Being open-minded means being adaptive to change, and that is what a true human being is, adapting to change. The world will not stop if a few selective people aren’t ready for it, as unfair as it sounds, it’s true, this world is always changing, and being open minded is a part of being ready for that. This also means that things you may dislike may be one of the most important, and economical things you have to do, if it gets you to what you want to do. For example, I personally want to become a musician, but one of the things I dislike is music theory. You know the thing, the books, the studying, but it’s something I’m learning and it’s something I have to do, as I know that if I learn music theory, I will be able to do whatever I want in music, it’s a fundamental idea. In other words, I would be more independent, and less dependent on others. Think of it like making a website. Yes, you can use tools, and free software, but to be a true creator or blogger, being able to program is one of the most adaptable things anyone can do! It may sound like a stretch and boring, but it is something that can truly help you in the future. For example, it makes you more independent, and people love to be in control of things, it’s a natural thing, and programming keeps you self-dependent. Also, like the economical aspect mentioned above, it’s also cheaper to program your own website versus a premium subscription or a professional web developer. The small stress of learning it does indeed pay off big time in the future.

Now, in no means am I trying to advertise things like programming or music. I only used those examples is because it’s something that is close to me and I like to do. But what I would like people to take from this article is this: Be open minded when you learn, as that is what helps you. There may be things you dislike that are important, but if you learn whatever that may be, the short-term stress of doing it will pay off in the long term.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”- Albert Einstein

~Dhruv Srinivasan

Leave your thoughts below in the comments, and let me know what you think of this idea! Thanks for reading this article!



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2 thoughts on “The Idea Of Learning

  1. Hi Dhruv,
    You are absolutely right. Being open minded is a key requirement for learning. Every time you learn something new, you should be prepared to unlearn something you learnt earlier. While freedom to explore is key, there’s a fine line between exploring and escaping the seemingly unpleasant. Most of the time our mind pushes us away from what seems unpleasant or difficult. We gravitate towards instant gratification of our sensory organs. This is ok. The problem is that most of the time, the world’s most beautiful, meaningful and satisfying things are behind a veil of unplesantness and difficulty.

    The satisfaction of having climbed a mountain comes from the hardship of having climbed it and not it’s altitude. (BTW, that’s my quote, just in case there is any confusion around attribution !)

    That’s what I also feel about music theory. It’s perhaps the most un-glamorus part of music, but once one understands the language of music, the place where it takes you is just amazing. It’s just a whole new level of understanding compositions, the intricacies of the trio of melody, rhythm and harmony.

    Deb Maasa

  2. Hey Dhruv, Great thoughts. I fished this from my spam folder. Wonder how it got thers. Corrected that.
    Your blog ~~ Yes a person is a student all his/her life. Theres a Chinese saying, may you live in interesting times. Disruptions happen and what was taken for granted for years,doesn’t exist anymore. ~ people, home, habit, gadgets, concepts, and even abilities. Age is just a number. Example of seeing pati using a smart phone, face book, instagram and whatsapp, one figures that learning isn’t a choice anymore but an imperative for survival. More flexible more adaptive. More rigid faster obsolete.
    keep blogging, God bless
    Madan D

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