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My mother and I were talking about how humans have profound thoughts. I was listening until she said Yeshe. That got me thinking. what would yeshe be thinking about. Here is a list of some of the things yeshe will be profoundly thinking about.

  1. How to hold his horse imitation for long. Yehse will always try to find out how to control his breath, in order to get the longest hehehehehe sound. He will sometimes lower his voice when trying to imitate a horse, in order to get a longer imitation. Wondered why he sticks his arm out when doing it. He’s trying to use the pressure from land where the solids are released in order to use that energy to get the longest hehehehehe. If he’s constipated, he’s extra lucky.
  2. How to watch more Noddy. As stupid as this sounds, this is actually true. What he does is he goes to his mama when he knows mama is very busy, bugs her as much as he can. He sometimes even runs into a wall purposely, and cries of pain, so he gets lots of attention. Because his mama is so busy, she has no option but to put Noddy. He second step is quite cheeky. He purposely wakes up extra early in the morning, and because his mama and papa slept quite late, they give him their phone, and Yeshe knows how to open youtube and watch television. You might say “Well, his parents will probably compensate that time later on,” but he uses these 2 techniques together. He uses the “Wake Up Early” technique in the morning, and later in the day, uses the “Bug Mama For Fun” technique. Yeshe is not a normal baby, as I’ve said in the past an Umpteenth number of times, and theirs a reason I’ve said it so many times.
  3. And finally, how to come closer to the T/V. This is a combination of all of his tactics. When he wants to poo, he goes 1 of the 4 corners of the house. One of them is right next to the TV, where all his toys are. When the TV’s on, he will SPECIFICALLY go to THAT corner, and pretend to poo. Then, he’ll stick his arm out and do a horse imitation, to make you think that he’s not watching TV. Then, he will carefully lay out his toys so he “Accidentally” slips and falls. As a result, this will result in his mother trying to get him up and say “Boo Boo Gone.” Then, because his mother will feel bad about him falling, and will put the blame on herself, she will let him see extra TV! But here’s the worst part. He’s like a virus, constantly upgrading his techniques and refining them, so he isn’t caught in the act. These are the profound thoughts Yeshe thinks of.

Yeshe’s Quote:

I came, I saw, I watched Noddy.

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Whenever you talk with any father in this world, the way the conversation goes is always the same. They start the talk by  talking about the topic in great detail. For example, instead of saying it’s, they say it is. They do this because really, they don’t have much to talk about, but they want to pretend like what they’re saying is something that has lots of detail. These lectures usually happen in cars, so be extra careful if your father is taking you anywhere! After the father stops talking about the topic in detail, they then talk about what you should do. Ideally, this sounds good, but however, at this point, they sidetrack on to something different. For example, my father was talking about the Cobra position in Yoga, but suddenly started talking about cycling and healthy food. They go like this until their 1/4ths away from the destination. Finally, they end the lecture by doing this. EVERY SINGLE PARENT DOES THIS. They finish it off with “When I was a child,” “Mera Bachpan Mae” “Quand j’étais un enfant” and then finish that sentence with, “I did this” “Mae ya kea” “Je l’ai fait”, and conclude with a brief description of what they did.

So my solution to people who have to live with this is to take a nap. They will not realise you’re taking a nap, because the soul of a father’s lecture is the car. Whenever the car stops, they stop lecturing. So there’s no chance they will realise you are sleeping off. They might look at you, but not realise you are sleeping.

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The Best Of Nepal

White Water rafting:

You wake up, adrelinen is pumping all around your body. You forget the wake up call, becuase you’ve woken up: near an hour in advance. You get your gear in the bus, ready for what awaits. The excitement really crushes all the nervousness. When I arrived, I really felt excited, not a tad bit sad or nervous. I attentavily listen to the safety instructions, but really, in the back of my head, I just want to get started. I quickly put on the safety gear, and rush for the assigned boat. We aer instructed to get in. In the raft, there are therse 3 big cylinder placed horizontaly, acting as benches. We sit on them, but then, the instuctor tells us somehting we did not expect. We had to sit on the EDGE of the raft, so chances are, you can fall of. However, I wasn’t scared. I spoke with my neighboring partner. “The rapids don’t look that hard. This will be just like a boat ride.” Our boat startes of. But however, looks are decepting. As we paddle into the rapids, we are flooded with water, and are going at a very fast pace. Then I realise, this is not a boat cruise. We paddle through the rapids, not suprisingly bumping into rocks. Oh, and one more thing. When we were given the instructions on what to do when something happens, out instructor said it aa very calm, and gentle voice. However, now he was trying to shout over the sound of the water particles slamming into each other. We exit the rapids, and I thought, “whew, no thats done, we must be safe, right?” No. Without any breathing time, we enter the next ser=t of rapids however this time, we slam into another raft. The weird thing is, we slammed into them near a rock, so half of there raft was on the rock, and the  other half was in the water. We exited the rapids, but we had to stop. We gazed at there boat and laughed because it took nearly 20 minutes to get there boat out of the rock. Whats more, is that not even 3-4 grown men could pull the out of the rock! All of a sudden, we were there arch rivals because all they ever wished for was revenge. However, they somehow managed to get themselves stuck on another rock, this time by themselves. We made fun them. For example, there speed of paddling was 1 and 2 and 1 and so on. They said the numbers out loud so then we said: “One rock were stuck on 2 rock were stuck on one rock were stuck on and so on. They were struck hard because they wanted to make fun of us but they couldn’t: we never got into a bad situation:p. After one 1 1/2 hours of rafting, we stopped by a 10 meter rock. They said: “You can jump of this rock if you want.” I went up the rock. they said, “You know what the instructions are?” I said “Yes” because I had heard what they had said to the person in front of me. They told me all the instructions again and then I jumped. However, I wanted to make it a memorable jump so I screamed, “I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!” However, my helmet was loose and was in front of my face so when I tried swimming to shore, I was dragged downstream. Luckily, I held onto a raft and made it back to shore. They asked me at shore: “Did they ask you to swim front stroke or back stroke?” I said: “They didn’t tell me anything related to that. And let me tell you, if theres a word that could express how I felt when I jumped, it would be COLD! The rapids were really cold, but the water was fresh water, not salty water. After the jumps, we worked our way back to the boat and we tried to work our way into becoming the first boat to reach the end point, and we did it! we were tired, but we were happy we did that! Now the reason we wanted to arrive first was not for bragging rights (surprisingly) but for being the first group to change. And let me tell you, it felt great, because after we changed, we got to have a nice big meal and laugh at tall the other groups, who were in big lines just to change! I had asked the instructor how many km we had rafted and I was shocked. It wasn’t 1, nor 2, nor 10. We had rafted 20km! That day was one of the best days we had, on top of our teachers bungy jumping 160 meters and doing the biggest canyon swing.

Coming To Nepal (Form Home To Abu Dhabi)

Awake you are, ready for the flight that awaits. Well, maybe not. I get up 3 oclock in the morning and oh boy, it was a painful getting up experience. Why did the flight have to be at THIS TIME? I get ready, making sure everything is packed, everything is in where it should be, and yup, I’m ready. I kiss my grandma goodbye. However, remember one thing. In the morning, I am not very good at remembering things so dont trust me in the morning! We arrvie at school, ready to board the bus. However, we first have to give the 80$ insurance and then answer questions like, “do you have any liquids  that are above 100ml?” I reply “yes” because for some strange reason I am carrying way to many soaps. (In the end however, the place that we were staying in provided soaps so that was a disapointment!). Then, I come to the reality that everyone is wearing the same shirt. It took me a second to release that they had given shirts that we were supposed to wear that I had FORGOTTEN. In no time at all, we dispatch my father to retrieve this important piece of clothing. However, in o time at all, we had to board the buses, to go to Abu Dhabi in order to take a plane, when right here, in Dubai, there was a company that could take us to Nepal! I thought, oh, forget it, my father wont make it in time, but just in the nick of time, my father emerges, almost out of nowhere and bring the shirt. I pout on the shirt in the bus and I see people waving. Instantly, i thought it was my parents and started waving back. However, after closer inspection, I realised that I was waving to someoen I didn’t even know, and I could sense hat they were confused at to why I was waving at them. After we departed, I asked if I could borrow my friends Black Berry for something VERY IMPORTANT, but, all I really did was open up brick breaker. After he realised what I was doing, he let me play one round of Brick Breaker but then took it back. It was an enjoyable experience but felt so short, considering we were so occupied we didn’t realise the actual lenght of the journey. The best part was, some people played music in the bus but once they were bored, the music stopped.

Annoying Campers:

You see, when the teachers choose tent mates, it’s between getting good ones and ones you will remeber for your whole life, for the wrong reason, of course. I was lucky enough to get some of my good friends in my tent, like Joe and Enho and some others which I don’t really hang out with, but I was happy with what room mates I had. And that was of course, for a short time

When you have your best mates around, you think “Yes! This is gonna be good!” but then, there home sickness gets the better of them. We managed to get a long..  most of the time, we were nice to each other… most of the time, and we slpt very well together… NOT AT ALL THROUGHOUT THE TRIP. My friends decide to try to keep me awake all nigh, after the teacher told us to sleep, obviously. They are saying funny things to try to get me laughing so I would never sleep. I was counting sheep in hope that I would somehow, go to sleep. Eventually, they crashed due to sheer weariness and then, one of the campers wakes me up at around 1am and asks :”Can you take me to the bathroom?” You see, we couldn’t go through the place we were staying at without a partner. Now think of it. This guy along with my other so-called friends tried to keep me up all night, and I was forced to count sheep in sheer despiration that I would sleep.Moreover, my friends new that I do not like horror scenes or movies, so they purposely said scary things, and one of them even pretented that he saw Freddy in Five Nights At Freddy’s! So why on earth would I go to the bathroom with him. Well, I DID go with him not because I wanted to be nice, but because I also had to go badly. We go to the bathroom, and lets just say, in nepal, Everything is like Everest over there and the water is heated up using solar power, so you can imagine how cold the water was. I couldn’t feel my hands for 3 hours. My friend said that the time is 3am in Dubai because he forgot to change it, but obviously he forgot the “Smart” in “Smartphone.” By adding up 2 hours I calculated that the time would be 5am. I was happy, because it was only 1 hour of our wake up call. I spotted someone that lived in Nepal, and he told me the time as 3am! Can you beileve it? He didn’t know his phone could do that! We returned to the tent and since I couldn’t sleep, I gave them a little taste of revenge. I tried to wake all of them up to show them how it feels. It was funny seeing them whine at the early wake up call, and tried to lecture me about this when THEY did this to mean. Now this is what you call true hypocrits. Lucky for me, the following days, they didn’t do it except for one time, where this one person in my tent tried to keep me awake. His reward. A tummy Ache!

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Quite A Handful

This post is about Yeshe, and, wow, what a handful he is. He is a baby who likes to fight when he is sad not cry, hit over protest, and he really is quite a handful. My experience with Yeshe has been a mixed experience. Everyone might say their little brother is so hard to take care of, they would describe it as stressful, annoying, sometimes even depressing, but Yeshe, well, none of these words can come close to how hard it is to manage him. Personally, I would describe it as Yeshing, which is about every emotion, happiness, sadness, etc into one word. For instance, he is more of an acrobat than an innocent looking baby! He likes to climb up chairs, beds, tables, sofas and even tries to jump of the steps that lead to a slide in a park! When he sleeps, he makes weird noises, during the day, he laughs, he shouts, he runs, but never stays still, even when his favorite TV show is on, Noddy. He is someone that intrigues me, running aimlessly end to end to each corner of the house, for instance, and looking at himself, while he runs, from the glare of the TV. He is fascinated by pillows, beds, and when someone playsruns after him, his 1st stop being banging into pillows. But what intrigues me is that he is very good at detecting emotion, as I found out at the end of my summer vacation in America. He loves bubbles, he treats bubbles as a god, following them even if it means tripping onto grass or falling of the front porch steps. He likes to jump on people, and likes it when someone makes a UMPH! sound while he jumps on them. His favorite animal ,is a horse, and always wants to imitate a horse and is always waiting for some to ask him “Horsey Says?”. If fact, when I left America, no one asked him “Horsey Says”, so he taught himself how to say “Horsey Says” so he can continue to imitate a horse! Moreover, he LOVES loud noises and animals. When we went to six flags, he loved the barrage of noises, and at about 9pm, when they had people in rubber foam costumes of animals, he ran away from us, and straight to one with the bunnies and SCREAMED: BUNNY! BUNNY! He was so happy he even danced to the loud music that was playing, then yet again, ran of. This, is how it’s like to take care of Yeshe.

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If their is someone who I would acknowledge on this blog is would be my masa (uncle)

My summer vacation was the most exciting vacation I have ever had, mostly thanks to masa. When I came to America, he planned everything in advance. He knew I wanted to learn programming, and told me about Python, and got me a book so I could start learning Python. Not only that, he was like a mentor, giving me challenges to do in Python as well as encouraging self learning. Whenever I approached him with a question, he would be ready to answer. Whenever he wanted to clarify any doubts, he always made sure that I understood that, and would always clarify a doubt in detail. He also encouraged me to also look at other things, like html, and always told me, :”If you find something more interesting in programming, do it.” Thanks to his perseverance and support, I was able to unleash to the world He would also give me advice on whatever I did, telling me things like, “You should change the color”, or other things like “Make the look more simple”. He cared about my learning, even if it was something he was not interested in, and always tried to find a way to help me in that. A great example of that was when he introduced me to the raspberry pi, a mini computer that can be programmed to do tasks, and helped me set it up. This is also proof he is dedicated to me learning something because masa is a busy man, has to work, help out in the house, feed and give milk to Yeshe (My 2 year old cousin), and yet still be able to help me out and do his own hobby.

If their was one thing that I could learn from masa and his character, it’s his dedication into doing something. Like I mentioned before, whenever he wants to do something, he does it wholeheartedly, and I have never heard him say”I’ll do it next time.” Whenever he has an issue, he almost never asks anyone for help, for 2 reasons, one because he wants to fix it by himself, and two, he knows that other people are busy and doesn’t want to disturb them, as he cares for others. Whenever he does something, he will do it until he is satisfied with his work, and usually sleeps between 3-5am, just so he can do something he likes to do. On top of this, he even gives an extra helping hand, over the helping hand he gives, so everything runs smoothly. If there’s anything people will have to think hard about, it’s trying to find a flaw in him. He’s like one of Stan Lee’s comic book creations

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Hello everybody!

Today I have some exciting news to share with all the viewers. Thanks to JavaScript, html, css and bootsrap, I have programed a website! You can check it out now at The purpose of this website is instead of a person having to navigate through this website to look at popular posts, well written posts and my latest posts, they can just go to and have all of that information in one, easy to view, single page website. And for mobile users, the website is responsive to small screens! This website took about 1-2 weeks to program/develop. Check out the website at!

Wait! There’s more!

I am also now redesigning the Dhruv’s Beats Website! This will take a couple of months, and will be clean, and responsive!

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A Very Serious Issue: (Version 3)

This time, its about getting up: On School Days.

Summers coming up and well, I guess its time to talk about getting up/ and the morning routine of a child on school days.

You wake up, and the first thing you see is a never ending scene of lights flashing at you. Turning on and off. Your eyes desperately trying to get use to the light before you get dizzy and just crash. And parents, specifically fathers, are behind the scene, doing this to you, expecting you to wake up. Then, after you’ve somewhat recovered from that, your alarm goes off, the blaring noise of your phone just screaming at you, while you are recovering from the flashes of light being forced into you. All of this, in a 6 o’clock morning package. However, I cannot seem to get use to it. For some reason, my body doesn’t seem too willing to get use to it. And this isn’t the end of waking up. And finally, after you recover from all of that, your parents throw a bucket of ice cold water, right on you, so they know that you are awake. The morning continues on like this, as you sit on the toilet seat daydreaming and wondering what your next lunch is going to be like. Now don’t you laugh, because I KNOW for a fact that you also do it. You can’t hide that fact. We all do it.  And them, your father comes and screams “YOU’RE GETTING LATE HURRY UP!” So you quickly finish up and quickly get in the bathtub…. except, nobody turned on the geyser. So then, since you have no time to waste, you are forced to have to take a shower in COLD water, and are not willing to apply shampoo because I mean, who would be willing to put slippery liquid while trying to bear cold water? So you come out of the bathroom and change, get your bag, and leave…. almost. We’ve talked about the father’s role in the steps a child has to take to get up, but not the mothers. Since you couldn’t put the slippery liquid mothers want you to put, they will tell you this, in front of your face, “Dhruv, look really ugly.” This is what happens in my life anyway. So, you try not to say, nor make eye contact and leave. Now this is the final stage of a child’s morning routine. If you go with your mother, you’re constantly bombarded with questions and other things, including, “Do I look good for a meeting” or, “Wait, I forgot to do something, and experience and slight delay of 30 minutes. If your father drops you, you’re in luck. They just keep quiet and listen to music, no questions your in time for school, life goes on. Now this is what a child’s routine really is.