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The Idea Of Learning

First and foremost, I would like to wish a happy new year to everyone and best wishes to all of here.

Right now, I’d like to discuss the idea of learning. It’s a fundamental thing everyone goes through, regardless of school or not, and something everyone should go through every day. But more specifically, its open-mindedness, and the pursuit of trying to do what you want to do, based on what you know, and what you don’t. After all, that’s why humans, in their true nature, do things. If it weren’t for a reason, it would have never happened. But there is a side that is incredibly important, and that’s the side of being open minded. When trying to achieve a goal, being selective on what you see and do is not a path that would be ideal, as it closes you into this one sector of a brighter, and larger the thing. There is a saying, “the closer you look, the less you see”. For example, lets say I wanted to be an engineer. The idea of an engineer is problem-solving, but nobody goes into that path or idea saying “I want to be an engineer, but I don’t want to do that kind, or learn this kind”. That phrase, or thought, should I say, is what ultimately leads to people not getting the exposure they need or want. Being open-minded means being adaptive to change, and that is what a true human being is, adapting to change. The world will not stop if a few selective people aren’t ready for it, as unfair as it sounds, it’s true, this world is always changing, and being open minded is a part of being ready for that. This also means that things you may dislike may be one of the most important, and economical things you have to do, if it gets you to what you want to do. For example, I personally want to become a musician, but one of the things I dislike is music theory. You know the thing, the books, the studying, but it’s something I’m learning and it’s something I have to do, as I know that if I learn music theory, I will be able to do whatever I want in music, it’s a fundamental idea. In other words, I would be more independent, and less dependent on others. Think of it like making a website. Yes, you can use tools, and free software, but to be a true creator or blogger, being able to program is one of the most adaptable things anyone can do! It may sound like a stretch and boring, but it is something that can truly help you in the future. For example, it makes you more independent, and people love to be in control of things, it’s a natural thing, and programming keeps you self-dependent. Also, like the economical aspect mentioned above, it’s also cheaper to program your own website versus a premium subscription or a professional web developer. The small stress of learning it does indeed pay off big time in the future.

Now, in no means am I trying to advertise things like programming or music. I only used those examples is because it’s something that is close to me and I like to do. But what I would like people to take from this article is this: Be open minded when you learn, as that is what helps you. There may be things you dislike that are important, but if you learn whatever that may be, the short-term stress of doing it will pay off in the long term.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”- Albert Einstein

~Dhruv Srinivasan

Leave your thoughts below in the comments, and let me know what you think of this idea! Thanks for reading this article!

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The True Idea Of Creativity

The common misconception of creativity is ideas, and freedom. We often interpret creative people as geniuses, one of a kind, and prodigies. But today I pose the question, is that what creativity is about?  Is it about that misfit in society that we point fingers at, or is it something we all possess, just fail to use?

You can think of creativity as a round hole in a square peg. How would you get it through? Creativity is not just imagination, it is how you make use of the things around you, to do what you want. This is what splits people from being creative, and imaginative. People who are imaginative will think of lots of ideas, in the perfect situation and see how they pan out. Creative people will make use of ideas in what they have, regardless of probability, or anything that stands in its path. The idea is to make use of what you have, and think of what you have, instead of what you don’t. This is how ideas form. The reason we invent things, after all, is to solve problems. Do you think the Wright Brothers had all the tools and laboratories they needed to make an airplane? They were a bicycle company after all, so the only way they could do what they wanted is to do it themselves, and with what they had. We all have creativity, the human race was born with intelligence and the idea of doing something. We are the only species that accepts that different people have different thoughts and views (actual fact), yet we point fingers at people, and find excuses to why we couldn’t. Imagine if everyone in this world, went past, and beyond, saying “I could have if I had” and really did what they said they could do.

~Dhruv Srinivasan

As always, leave your opinions down below! I love looking at the comments section and seeing how people view my thoughts and ideas, regardless of good, or bad.

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Why Zero Is My Favorite Number

(Click on the links whilst reading the post to follow along. Enjoy!)

When people ask me, “what’s my favorite number”, I typically respond with the number, 0

This is the reply I usually get:



But the reality is, it is one of the most intriguing numbers that I feel to date, merely due to the lack of reasoning for its existence and history.



But hold on, let me explain myself.

The number zero was introduced into the Arabic Numeral System (1, 2, 3, 4, math, math, etc) as a place-holder to represent numbers beyond one digit. However, people were slow to grasp the idea of this number. In fact, some cultures believed this to be rather demonic or spiritual, and in ways it is. Think about it. Zero is the average of -1, and 1. This is what is known as a full zer0, so don’t think of  zero as a place holder for a larger number. Moreover, if you were to divide ANYthing by zero, it wouldn’t make sense, as how would you divide nothing into equal parts. Nowaday’s when mathematicians run into the number zero, they just mark it as UNDEFINED when dividing by it, as there is no logical explanation. So in ways, you can think of zero as a number, which in theory represents nothing, but actually represents infinity, due to our lack of understanding of it. In fact, humans don’t even know when and where the number zero was invented. Some people believe it was invented between 400-500BC, whilst others believe it was invented 4000-5000 years old. The fact is, we know NOTHING ABOUT IT! This is why I love the number zero, for the fact that it brings so much confusion and curiosity to the world. In fact, when you look at zero, you start to look at other numbers. Are numbers an actual thing, or are they a  mere concept? Think of it this way. You have never seen 3, have you? Maybe you have seen 3 sticks, boxes, etc but you have never seen 3. The same is with zero, or negative numbers, you have never seen a negative amount of something, or it itself. So in reality, are numbers real, or are they a concept, if they aren’t even there? Do they even exists?

So the next time someone asks you why you love zero, just tell them to split it in half.

~Dhruv Srinivasan

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The Problems Of Society – Money

It’s been awhile since my last posts, so here’s something I’ve written that has come dearly from my heart.

Its money. Why do so many people live their lives, working day in and day out, for a piece of paper. What is the moral reason to justifying the need to have money? We humans, have created a system, where we have given 2.5 X 6 inch piece of paper the uttermost importance, and we humans, are the worshipers of it. Is this the society you want to live in? But wait. This is the society we live in.

Money was made to make trade between people to be fair, but all it has been is a pathway to greed, as well as an imbalance in social justice. The fact that someone is judged by their earnings, rather than who they are is disgusting. Humans haven’t been able to find a suitable way of trade within the last 2,500 years money has been around, or are we just ignorant to our surroundings?

Moreover, what benefit has money done to humanity? Has it indeed created equality between people? Has it served its purpose of its existence? Where has all the love, compassion to each other gone? Why have people given more importance to the PRICE of an item, rather than the VALUE it brings to one?

“True Happiness brings more riches than all the money in the world” – Mahatma Ghandi

But where has that happiness gone? Share your thoughts below.

-Dhruv Srinivasan

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Morals. Decisions.

We’vs all that time where there is a decision we make, and we have the dilemma between morals, and what’s right, and what’s wrong. This decision you make stays in your mind, and you truly cannot decide whether it was right wrong, good or bad, or maybe a successful, or unsuccessful decision. You see, we only truly know the outcome of our decision only after we choose the decision, and we only know the effect of it once it has had an effect. But what if our decisions were not based on multiple parameters, but only one, such as moral. Would making decisions through moral make our decisions in life easier, or would it be harder, and would making decisions through moral mean that it is the right thing to do, or maybe the wrong.

To truly understand this, you need to go down to the roots of morality, and build your way up like a sapling of a tree sprouting. The Urban dictionary defines Moral to be the principles of right and wrong. But the thing is, where does right, and where does wrong come from? Our universe never had right or wrong implemented before we came into existence, we invented right or wrong, based on our feelings more than anything, and whether we felt what we were doing was right or wrong. So deep down, morality is based on the feelings and emotions of a person, but on the surface, it seems like something that is based on being principled. So truly, the real question you should be asking yourself is that do you believe your emotions, do you have faith in your emotions, but more importantly, do you have faith in other people’s emotion? Can you be sure that your emotions will take you the right way, or will it lead you to a brick wall? Are your feelings part of you, or are you part of your feelings? I mean, after all, your emotions are made up of 3 things, psychological changes, behavioral response and subjective change. Do you trust that your body can unify these and help you make decisions?

So in all, morality is not one parameter, but a group of them. But the question is, do you trust your group?

Comment Yours Idea Below

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Words vs Pictures

“A Picture is worth more than a 1000 words”, a phrase which is spoken, and expressed to many people around the world. Yet, there is still more to that story than what meets the “eye”

You see, a picture does represent a 1000 words,  it only represents 1000 words if you view it as 1000 words. But really, words are the real drivers behind the fabulous paintings you see of today. When you write, each one of those words holds information. The beauty about writing is that you can view each of those words in any way you wish, and form you wish, and you are the person that decides what any word, sentence, phrase, etc really means. A picture only conveys what it has, nothing more, and you are put into mindset to think closely about that topic. Yes, you can think of many ideas and thoughts related to that idea, but with pictures, you are not truly expressed to the power of infinity, and the true meaning of infinite thoughts.

But this is where writing truly shines. With writing, you have to power to view each and every word as a separate image or thought, and in the end, you create a collage of thoughts, that slowly comes together in a way you can only imagine, and in a way that differs from anyone else’s. You are only held back by your imagination, and words are what opens the key of infinity.

Just close your eyes, and imagine the scattering array of words that surround you. Just take little bits of any sentence, and compile them with other little bits. You are in your own fantasy, and you are the one that creates the thoughts, the ideas, and the feelings of your story. Writing is like a combination of pixels. They each hold their own identity, and they each represent their own values. It is up to the creator to decide how these pixels move together, and organize themselves. Or just maybe, they don’t. Maybe they are each individual words, letters, that each represents a certain aspect of really, whatever you want. The reality is, it is up to, it is up to the creator, and you are the creator

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A Quote

Here’s a quote I thought of by myself and decided to share it with other people, as it has a strong meaning.

Life is like a book, made up of different scenes. People say that one bad scene can ruin a book, but in reality, it’s up to you to CHOOSE whether that scene ruins the book. -Dhruv, Lunatic INC